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Why are surfactants in cosmetics?

December 29,2023

The Magic of Cosmetics: Water and oil, usually incompatible, peacefully coexist in skincare products!

Thanks to the magical power of surfactants, through emulsification, they encapsulate oil particles in water like tiny elves, making cosmetics more uniform and stable.

These little elves,surfactants, not only build bridges between water and oil but also work magic on your skin! With their lipophilic qualities, they can improve the feel of your skin, providing a gentle touch.

In recent years, the rising star in cosmetics – liposomes – has further enhanced the caring effects! Allowing your skin to experience even more pampering and radiate natural beauty.

So, the secret of cosmetics lies not only in their glamorous appearance but also in these tiny yet powerful ingredients that make your skin glow! When it comes to cleaning cosmetics, such as face washes and shampoos, surfactants take the lead. One of the properties of surfactants is their ability to remove oil. Of course, the skin can not stand soap, laundry detergent as strong surfactants, so general cosmetics will choose mild non-irritating, and not easy to cause allergic reactions of surfactants.


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