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What is the surfactants ? What’s the application in cosmetics?

January 13,2023

Surfactant is a special substance which is composed of two parts of oil-philic group and hydrophilic group, can make the interface state of its solution system change obviously.

It is widely used in the washing cosmetics industry ,also it’s an important auxiliary raw material of cosmetics, known as "industrial monosodium glutamate", although the amount is not much, but plays a great role in shampoo, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, moisturizing lotion, skin cream, conditioner and other products . Its role in cosmetics is diverse, such as washing, foaming, emulsification, solubilization, sterilization, antistatic, dispersion and so on.


According to the different structural characteristics of surfactants, it can be divided into anionic type, cationic type, zwitterionic type and non-ionic type four categories. Among them anionic surfactant washing, foaming effect is better, used in cleaning products; Cationic surfactants have good bactericidal, antistatic and smoothing effects on hair, and are often used in hair conditioners and softeners. Amphoteric ionic surfactant washing effect is weak, but the foaming, foaming stability, thickening effect is good, significantly reduce the product irritation, more used in cleaning products in the auxiliary anionic surfactant, enhance the cleaning effect of products; Nonionic surfactant is good at emulsification and solubilization, and has low irritation, and it is used in cream, emulsion products and water products that need solubilization.


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