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Welcome to Resun Auway Science Popularization! What is a surfactant and what are its functions?

January 16,2024

Surfactants are a type of chemical substance widely used in various products such as household products, with the main function of reducing liquid surface tension, improving liquid spreading and wetting properties.

Detergent is a typical example of surfactant application, which enhances the spreading and wetting properties of cleaning agents by reducing surface tension.

In addition,surfactants are widely used in corrosion inhibition, ore flotation, promoting oil flow, and aerosol production.

In the field of beauty, surfactants also play an important role. Some products focusing on skin and hair contain surfactants, such as wetting agent in perm lotion, foaming agent in shampoo, emulsifier in face cream, and solubilizer in perfume and essence. The diverse applications of surfactants make them an indispensable part of various industries.


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