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The development trend of surfactants

July 21,2023

The application amount of surfactant is very large, but in the current situation of use, there are still single varieties, low performance, and easy to appear environmental pollution after use.

The future development trend of surfactants is towards the direction of green, pollution-free and high efficiency.

1. Green development

The green development of surfactants refers to the replacement of chemical components in surfactants with natural raw materials under the premise of cost control, effectively reducing the toxicity of surfactants.

Promote the green development of surfactants, reduce the energy consumption during preparation while reducing pollution, and thus reduce the process cost. For example, the APG and SLES processes in surfactants can improve the greenization level of surfactants, promote the sustainable development of surfactants, and reflect the greenization value of surfactants.

2. Environment-friendly development

The environmental development of surfactants emphasizes the safety of surfactants, which means that surfactants can be biodegraded after application without pollution problems. In environmental requirements, the optimal biodegradability of surfactants is 98%. The representative environmentally friendly surfactants are linear chain sodium dodecylbenzoate, long chain alkyl polyglycosides, which can not only be biodegradable in use, but also have the characteristics of renewable raw materials. Environmental surfactants are the mainstream direction of future development. Only by planning the environmental development of surfactants can the efficiency of surfactant use be improved.

3, multi-functional development

The multi-functional development trend of surfactants means that surfactants can be applied to multiple production processes, actively develop new functions of surfactants, solve the previous single application mode, and improve the application efficiency of surfactants. Not only pay attention to the basic function of surfactants, but also broaden the application function of surfactants on this basis, in order to improve the consumption of surfactants. For example: cleaning surfactants in the future multi-functional development should also have bactericidal antibacterial, moisturizing skin care role, in order to solve the destructive problem of surfactants.

4. Adaptive development

The development of surfactants should also be combined with the current needs of consumers. In the adaptive development of surfactants, concentrated surfactants are more representative, which are more suitable for social needs and have achieved certain benefits. For example: at present, the surfactant in the detergent has a cleaning effect in the warm water state, the future development trend is to concentrate the surfactant to make it can play a role in cold water conditions. The adaptive development of surfactants can refer to foreign technologies to actively improve the adaptability of surfactants.

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