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The application of surfactants in petroleum extraction

February 27,2024

Do you know the key role that surfactants play in oil extraction?

Extracting heavy oil:

The heavy oil emulsification and viscosity reduction method is adopted, and a surfactant aqueous solution is injected to convert the heavy oil into a water in oil emulsion, improving the recovery efficiency.

Extracting waxy crude oil:

In the extraction of waxy crude oil, surface active agents are used to prevent and remove wax, and oil soluble and water-soluble agents are used to change the surface properties of wax crystals and deposits, thereby improving the wax prevention effect.

Stable clay:

Using cationic surfactants to prevent clay expansion; Fluorinated non-ionic cationic surfactants prevent the migration of clay particles.

Acidification measures:Add various surfactants to the acidification solution for slow acidification and wetting reversal.

Sand control measures:

Injecting active water to clean the formation before sand control usually uses anionic surfactants to improve the effect.

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