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May 22,2024

Surfactants are the behind the scenes heroes of your daily personal care products. Shampoo, bath gel, bath foam and other beauty products are inseparable from their contributions.

Do you know? Every time you clean, almost all the cleaning agents you use contain a surfactant matrix.

When you take a bath, what is more relaxing than using soothing bath gel or plump cream bathgel?

Our Resun Auway series of natural surfactants enable these products to produce rich foam, gently dissolve the oil and dirt on the face and body, without drying or damaging the skin. The working principle of liquid soap and hand sanitizer is the same.

As a surfactant manufacturer, Resun Auway is committed to providing customized services for personal care product manufacturers to ensure unique foaming and cleaning quality. Discuss with our manufacturing professionals how to prepare your unique product.

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