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"Green" functional surfactant of choice - alkyl glycosides (APG)

June 08,2023

Internationally recognized as the "green" functional surfactant of choice - alkyl glycosides (APG)

alkyl glycosides (APG) is synthesized from renewable sources of natural fatty alcohols and glucose (e.g. naturally sourced corn or potato starch and coconut or palm oil (glucose and aliphatic alcohols), and is a new type of non-ionic surfactant with comprehensive performance, combining the properties of common non-ionic and anionic surfactants, with high surface activity, good ecological safety and phase solubility


In addition to the excellent properties of traditional surfactants, APG has unique properties such as non-toxic, non-irritating, rapid and complete biodegradation, and is superior to any other surfactants.


Application areas

1. Detergents (dishwashing detergents, industrial detergents)


3、Food industry

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