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Do you know what’s the SLES?

January 13,2023

SLES is a high active,cosmetic-grade of sodium lauryl ether sulfate, made by continuous SO3 sulphation of a narrow cut, ethoxylated(2EO) alcohol, followed by neutralization with caustic soda.


SLES is a versatile cosmetic-grade raw material and widely used in the formulation of shampoos, foam bath preparations, other toiletry and cleaning products.

SLES is especially useful in high active formulations by virtue of its excellent solubility characteristics and mildness to the skin



SLES is sensitive to changes in temperature and pH. Decomposition can occur at temperatures above 40 °C or in acidic conditions ( pH below 5 ).

Decomposition is caused by hydrolysis and decomposed product, being acid, will catalyse further hydrolysis.


Store at a temperature below its set point will require re-heating with consequent danger of over-heating and decomposition especially close to the source of heating.

Such extreme conditions of storage, handling and use should be avoided.

SLES contains a small amount of citric acid,acting as pH buffer and therefore counteract hydrolysis.

Store at 15-40°C is recommended.


The method of dilution should always be to add the RSAW ESB70/ZA to the water and not the reverse; otherwise an extremely viscous product will result.

Our technical department is available to discuss and give the guidance on any particular aspect of the use of this product.

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