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Application of surfactants in pesticides

October 30,2023

In the use of pesticides, only a few cases are the direct use of the original drug, and most of the cases are mixed with other additives and solvents to improve its use value and reduce the cost of use.Surfactant is a kind of additives that can give greater play to the value of pesticides and reduce the cost of pesticides. It plays the role of emulsification, foaming/defoaming, dispersion and wetting, and has been widely used in pesticides.

Surfactants can improve the interfacial tension between the components in the emulsion and form a uniform and stable dispersion system.

The surfactant structure has both hydrophilic and oil-philic groups, which adsorbed on the oil-water interface, can reduce the interfacial tension and reduce the energy required to form the emulsion, so as to improve the stability of the emulsion.


The effect of emulsified pesticide is better than that of other pesticide formulations when the active ingredient of pesticide is dispersed in water in a small state. Emulsifiers directly affect the stability of pesticide emulsion, and then affect the efficacy. 

China is the world's main pesticide production and use of large countries, according to statistics, in 2018, China's pesticide production as high as 2.083 million tons, with the improvement of people's environmental awareness, the requirements for pesticide preparations are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the research and application of green high-quality pesticide preparations are becoming more and more important, and surfactants with good performance, as an important component of preparations, play a pivotal role in green high-quality pesticides.

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