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A vision for the future of detergents

July 22,2023

Looking at the global market of washing products, although different countries have different development priorities and different development trends, the general research direction of washing products is the same. The concentration and liquid of washing products have become the mainstream, and water saving, safety, energy saving, safety, professional, environmental protection, multi-functional and so on have become the hot direction of the development of washing products. The raw material of detergent,surfactants, is developing towards mild, compound and environmental protection, among which, enzyme preparations with the advantages of high efficiency, specificity and environmental protection are the hot spot of detergent development.

In general, the development trend of the washing industry is mainly as follows:

1. Diversification, specialization and differentiation of washing products. Washing products are divided into solid, powder, liquid and gel according to the state. According to the content of active ingredients can be divided into concentrated type and ordinary type. It can also be divided into many different forms according to the different packaging, different colors and different fragrances.

2. Liquid washing products will become the most potential for development. Because compared with solid washing products, the low temperature washing effect of liquid washing products is better, the formula is more flexible, the manufacturing process is simpler, and the production of liquid washing products requires less equipment investment and more energy saving.

3. Washing products will gradually tend to concentrate, since 2009, detergent concentrated products will gradually form three categories - concentrated laundry powder, concentrated laundry condensation, concentrated laundry detergent. Compared with traditional products, concentrated washing products have significant advantages - high content of active matter, strong decontamination capacity, and energy saving. Because it is a concentrated product, it also has the advantages of saving packaging materials, low transportation costs, and small storage space requirements.

4. Safety of human body. As mentioned above, with the improvement of living standards, people's evaluation of the quality of washing products is no longer whether they can clean the stain, and whether the detergent is safe and non-toxic to the human body, mild and non-stimulating has become an important reference condition for people to choose detergent.

5. Product environmental protection. The eutrophication caused by phosphorous containing detergents and the negative environmental effects caused by bleach have attracted widespread attention. In order to meet the requirements of green chemistry, the selection of raw materials for detergents has gradually become environmentally friendly and mild.

6. Multi-functional. Multi-functional is the trend of the development of various products in society, and a common phenomenon of a variety of items in people's lives, so the future detergent will also have the role of sterilization, disinfection, bleaching and so on while decontaminating.

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