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Leading products contain sodium /ammonium lauryl ether sulfate、sodium /ammonium lauryl sulfate, Alkylbenzene sulphonic acid, sodium α-olefin sulfonate, amino acid-based surfactant, amine derivatives.The surfactants are most widely used in personal care products such as shampoo, toothpaste and bath foam.The raw material is palm oil and coconut oil which are natural renewable resources, with superior cleaning ability, rich foam, excellent softening effect.


Ammonium salts are rnild good cleaning ability and low irritation, and, especially suitable for high quality shampoo, bath foam and facial cleanser.
Sodium salts, with the characteristics of low price and high quality, are widely used in various kinds of detergents such as shampoo and bath foam etc.
Sodium α-olefin sulfonate, with good solubility and resistance ability to hard water, is used in formula for various kinds of detergents,such as dish washing liquid and bath foam etc.
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