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The 3rd Annual Amino Acid Surfactants Forum

The 3rd Annual Amino Acid Surfactants Forum, held successfully on September 1st!

This grand event, organized by the National Productivity Promotion Center for Surfactants and Detergents Industry, and the China Daily Chemical Industry Information Center, with special cooperation from Hunan Resun Auway Industrial Co.,Ltd, and support from Guangzhou Bafeorii Chemical Co., Ltd., brought together hundreds of top industry experts, research engineers, product managers, technical personnel, and marketing professionals. They jointly explored the current development status, fundamental theories, technological advancements, future trends, and market strategies related to amino acid surfactants.

Amino acid surfactants hold enormous potential for applications in various sectors such as detergents, cosmetics, personal care products, and food. Continuous innovation and upgrading will propel the industry towards higher quality, greener, and more environmentally friendly products, catering to consumer demands and driving industry growth and advancement.

The widespread adoption and innovative development of amino acid surfactants rely on technological upgrades and innovations from the raw material side, manufacturing processes, and brand perspectives. We believe that with everyone's accumulated expertise and exploration, the future of amino acid surfactants holds even greater opportunities. We look forward to the next Amino Acid Surfactants Forum, anticipating more exciting encounters and revelations.

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