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Surfactants as Detergents and Emulsifiers

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Surface active agent, in short known as surfactant is a kind of chemical compound that is used to minimize the surface tension between the two different substances. Actually what is surface tension. Surface tension is the property of a liquid that allows it to resist any external force. For this property of surfactants they are used in several industrial applications.

Surfactants as Detergents and Emulsifiers

The most common application of a surfactant is in the form of a detergent. Detergent is a kind of surface active agent that possesses the cleaning properties and has the ability to remove dirt from the surfaces. Various forms of surfactants available today are employed as detergents or different cleaning requirements in industries.


Another popular form in which surfactants are employed in industries is an emulsifier, also referred most of the times as emulsifying agent. Surfactants are used as emulsifying products in industries for better mixing of the products. As an emulsifying agent, it has the capability to disperse one liquid into the other, which usually does not mix well with the former.

Apart from cleaning and emulsifying, surfactants are used in various other applications too. Surfactants for industrial applications are employed as wetting agents, dispersing agents, foaming and anti-foaming agents in various applications like detergents, fabric softeners, adhesives, emulsions, paints, inks etc.